NIO delivered 10,677 vehicles in August 2022, an increase of 81.6% YoY. The deliveries consisted of 7,551 premium smart electric SUVs and 3,126 premium smart electric sedans. Cumulative deliveries reached 238,626 vehicles as of August 31, 2022. Shares of NIO Inc. bounced into positive territory Thursday, again, to buck weakness in rival China-based electric vehicle makers, after J.P. Morgan analyst Nick YC Lai suggested they may be «bottoming out.» The stock was…

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That this method returns false does not imply that no bytes have yet been decoded. Some auto-detecting decoders are capable of decoding some, or even all, of an input byte sequence without fixing on a particular charset. This class is designed to handle many of the details of the decoding process, including the implementation of error actions. A decoder for a specific charset, which is a concrete subclass of this class, need only implement the abstract decodeLoop method, which encapsulates the basic decoding loop. A subclass that maintains internal state should, additionally, override the implFlush and implReset methods. ¶Parse the account data dictionary and produce a list of events.

NIO stock falls 6.6% premarket after Q2 results

→ Union[nio.responses.KeysClaimResponse, nio.responses.KeysClaimError]¶Claim one-time keys for a set of user and device pairs. → Union[nio.responses.DevicesResponse, nio.responses.DevicesError]¶Get the list of devices for the current user. A device needs to be either trusted/ignored or blacklisted to either share room encryption keys with it or not. This method adds the device to the trusted devices and enables sharing room encryption keys with it. This callback will be run only if a room key request needs user interaction, that is if a room key request is coming from an untrusted device.

Is NIO building its own factory?

Nio doesn't own a factory directly; its vehicles are built in a plant owned by a joint venture between it and its manufacturing partner, state-owned automaker Jianghuai Automobile Group.

The Company’s products mainly include ES8, ES6, EC6 and ET7. The Company develops battery swapping technologies and autonomous driving technologies. fibonacci number Its electric vehicles apply NAD technology, including super computing platform NIO Adam and super sensing system NIO Aquila.

Alibaba, XPeng Fall Over 1%: Hang Seng Opens Weaker As Investors Continue To Gauge Impact Of US Fed Rate Projections

A dictionary containing the keys “type” which must be “answer” for this event and “sdp” which contains the SDP text of the session description. This tells the server to set the display name of the currently logged in user to supplied string. This tells the server to set avatar of the currently logged in user to supplied matrix content URI. Callables returning a path string, Path, async iterable or aiofiles open binary file object allow the file data to be read in an asynchronous and lazy way . Returning a synchronous iterable or standard open binary file object will still allow the data to be read lazily, but not asynchronously.

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TD Ameritrade displays two types of stock earnings numbers, which are calculated differently and may report different values for the same period. GAAP earnings are the official numbers reported by a company, and non-GAAP earnings are adjusted to be more readable in earnings history and forecasts. GAAP EPS refers to a company’s earnings per share for the trailing twelve-month period.

NIO Stock Alert: Nio Just Made a Big Lithium Bet

Every time we need to send an encrypted message to a device and we don’t have a working Olm session with them we need to claim one-time keys to create a new Olm session. → List[]¶Get key requests from a device that are waiting for verification. Shareholders who purchased shares of NIO during the class period listed are encouraged to contact the firm regarding possible lead plaintiff appointment. Appointment as lead plaintiff is not required to partake in any recovery. Company profileNIO Inc is a China-based holding company principally engaged in the research, development and manufacturing of premium smart electric vehicles. The Company is mainly engaged in the design, development, manufacture and sales of high-end smart electric vehicles.

Is NIO overvalued?

NIO Is Still Overvalued

Despite a significant haircut to NIO's valuation since the summer of 2021, the stock remains overvalued.

Event_type – The type of matrix state event to check the required power of, e.g. ¶Return whether a user has enough power to send certain message events. A missing key can be requested later on by sending a key request, this method creates a ToDeviceMessage that can be sent out if such a request should be made. This type of event will be created if the event has a valid core structure but failed validation for the given event type. An example of uploading a plain text file follows, but the principle is the same for media, you just need to add an additional “info” key to the content. Since – A token specifying a point in time where to continue the sync from.

→ None¶Add a callback that will be executed on to-device events. ¶Add a callback that will be executed on presence events. Device_id – An unique identifier that what is a transaction broker distinguishes this client instance. ¶Get information about the owner of a given access token. → Tuple¶Create or modify an existing user-created push rule.

Add new Personio employees as When I Work users

¶Parse a Matrix invite event and create a higher level event object. The room name is a human-friendly string designed to be displayed to the end-user. The room name is not unique, as multiple rooms can have the same room name set. In all cases except for when membership is join, the user ID in the sender attribute does not need to match the user ID in the state_key. SharedPrevious events are always accessible to newly joined members. All events in the room are accessible, even those sent when the member was not a part of the room.

This token can be obtained from a prev_batch token returned for each room by the sync API, or from a start or end token returned by a previous request to this endpoint. → Union[nio.responses.LoginResponse, nio.responses.LoginError]¶Login to the homeserver using a raw dictionary. Raises LocalProtocolError if the client isn’t logged in, if the session store isn’t loaded or if no encryption keys need to be uploaded.

Filter_id¶A filter ID that may be used in future requests to restrict which events are returned to the client. A ReceiptEvent can contain multiple event_ids seen by many different users. At the time of writing, all Receipts have a receipt_type of “” and are read receipts, but this may change in the future. Algorithm¶The encryption algorithm the requested key in this event is to be used with. Event signaling the start of a SAS key verification process. Transaction_id¶An opaque identifier for the verification process.

Encrypted events may have different fields depending on the algorithm that was used to encrypt them. If the type of the event is now known an UnknownEvent will be produced. This event is sent by callers after sending an invite and by the callee after answering. Its purpose is to give the other party additional ICE candidates to try using to communicate.

  • Tells whether or not this decoder has yet detected a charset.
  • This account data will be synced between different devices and can persist across installations on a particular device.
  • This event is created every time nio tries to parse an event of an unknown type.
  • After that point, this method returns the same value for the duration of the current decoding operation.
  • ¶Query the current devices and identity keys for the given users.

→ bool¶Return whether this condition holds true for a room event. Causes multiple matching events to be joined into a single notification. If the event has an unknown type None is returned as well. From_device¶The device ID which is initiating the process. Key¶The device’s ephemeral public key, encoded as unpadded base64.

Chinese EV maker Nio raises doubts about its future

Instances of this class are not safe for use by multiple concurrent threads. An engine that can transform a sequence of bytes in a specific charset into a sequence of sixteen-bit Unicode characters. Returns a list of tuples that contain the emoji and the description of the emoji of the short authentication string. Own_fp_key – The fingerprint key of our own device that will be verified by the other client. This store uses an Sqlite database as the main storage format as well as the store format for the trust state. The Sqlite database will be stored only in memory and all the data will be lost after the object is deleted.

Note that this does not save other information such as the private identity keys of the device. Raises GroupEncryptionError if the group session for the provided room isn’t shared yet. → Tuple[str, Dict]¶Encrypt a message to be sent to the provided room. Event_fields (Optional[List]) – List of event fields to include. The entries may include ‘.’ characters to indicate sub-fields. A literal ‘.’ character in a field name may be escaped using a ‘’.

  • Zio.nio – an opinionated interface with deeper ZIO integration that provides more type and resource safety.
  • Returns either a JoinedMembersResponse if the request was successful or a JoinedMembersError if there was an error with the request.
  • Event_type – The type of matrix message event to check the required power of, by default.

This method does nothing if the store is already loaded. The keys will be added to the current instance as well as written to database. Device_id – The device_id for which we should find the SAS verification object. ¶Find a non-canceled SAS verification object for the provided user.

How does NIO make money?

Key Takeaways

NIO makes premium smart electric vehicles and provides charging solutions and other services. Vehicle sales generate the majority of the company's revenue.

Actions (Sequence) – Actions to perform when the conditions for this rule are met. Read_event (Optional) – The event ID to set the read receipt location at. This sets the position of the read marker the 10 most important cryptocurrencies other than bitcoin for a given room, and optionally the read receipt’s location. The fields in this object will vary depending on the type of event. ¶Fetch a number of events that happened before and after an event.